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Binary versions of the MOBY-Products are currently distributed for free. Before you fill out the order form below, please read the License agreements carefully. By submitting the form you confirm to agree with the terms of the License.

In order get download instructions for the requested MOBY-Product (via email), complete the following form in its entirety and submit it.

The MOBY-Products are currently distributed for the platforms: Solaris 2.5.x and Linux (using the libc6 version For both operating systems we recommend to use the shared library of the Motif widget set. On Solaris the Motif library should be part of your Solaris installation, on Linux there are OpenMotif implementations available for free that should work.
If no shared library of the Motif widget set is available on your Linux system, we previde some MOBY-Products with a statically linked Motif library.
Notice: Using a MOBY-Product together with (the shared library of) MetroLink Motif V2.0 for Linux will cause problems, that can be solved by updating to version 2.0.1.

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To get the software fill out the form below. You must supply a valid email address, which will be used to send you the download URL. All other fields are optional.

MOBY-Product: Moby/RT V1.0 (includes Moby/PLC > V1.2)
Moby/PLC V1.2
Moby/DC V1.0
Moby/FT V0.9
Moby/PEA V0.92b (Linux only)
OS-type: Solaris
Widget-set: Motif (using a shared library)
Motif (statically linked - Linux only!)
Athena (Support was canceled)


MOBY-Products (Moby for short) are delivered without any warranty. The software is supplied "as is", and we are not obliged to provide any maintenance or user-assistance with respect to Moby. We are neither responsible for the correctness of systems developed with Moby, nor for the correctness of Moby itself.

Moby may be used for non-commercial purposes only. Otherwise an explicit permission is necessary.

Of course, the copyright stays with us and we do not allow non-permitted redistribution or modification of Moby or parts of Moby.

last update: 04/17/09