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MOBY is a project, that has grown in many years in the Correct System Design Group of the Department of Computing Science here at C.v.O. University of Oldenburg. Today MOBY contains a powerful C++ class liberary, on which several tools are based.
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Moby/PLC Moby/FT Moby/PEA
Moby/PLC comprises a graphical editor and simulator for PLC-Automata, a formal description technique for real-time systems. Furthermore, this tool provides connections to several model checker for Timed Automata and code generation for Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs).

The Moby/PLC tool has been presented on CeBIT'98 in Hannover.

Moby/FT is a tool for supporting fault tree analysis. It comprises a graphical editor for fault trees with several functions for the verification of these. In particular, a connection to the real-time model-checker of Uppaal is realised by what the correctness or the completeness of the tree can be displayed automatically. Moby/PEA is a simple graphical editor for Phase Event Automata (PEA), which are used to define the semantics of CSP-OZ-DC specifications. It supports export to XML representation of PEA. The XML-output can be used to apply model checking to PEA and thus CSP-OZ-DC specifications using the tools that can be found here.
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Publications concerning Moby/PLC can be found on the Moby/PLC page of the Correct System Design Group's Web-Server.
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Binary versions of the MOBY-Products are currently distributed for free. You have to fill out our order form to be able to download a copy of your prefered product. Before you fill out the order form, please read the Licence agreements carefully.

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