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Jassda - Jass Debugger Architecture

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1 Trace Assertions

Trace Assertions are an interesting feature of Jass 2, especially when it comes to checking the behaviour of a distributed application. But exactly this area is somewhat problematic to the Trace Assertion feature of Jass 2. This is because the static methods, exceptions and multithreading are not handled by Jass 2 Trace Assertion.

Mark Brörkens had the idea to bring time into the area of monitoring Java programs. For the Semantics Group it seemed as it would fit into Trace Assertions. But due to the limitations of the implementation in Jass 2 Mark decided to rework the whole concept. The Jass 2 Trace Assertion counterpart is now the TraceChecker module of Jassda.

2 The Debugger Architecture

Jassda is more than just a simple reimplementation of the Trace Assertion feature of Jass 2. It also provides a framework for writing Java Debuggers. A simple example for the framework character of the Jassda project is given by the logger module. This module shows how to write your own extensions for Jassda.

This work is now available to the public as a SourceForge project. You may want to visit the Jassda homepage and of cause you are always welcome to participate in the Jassda project.